I used to have Greek yogurt with fruit and granola every morning when I was still living in California. It was fast and easy to prepare, and it was delicious and – I thought – very healthy. Recently, however, I’ve come to find out that grains are death and should be avoided at all costs. Ok maybe not that dramatically, but seeing as how grains are of little benefit and instead kind of a hindrance, my favorite dessert-y breakfast definitely lost its crunchiest quality. Who doesn’t like crunchy!?

Then I realized, if all I wanted was the crunch, it was easy to achieve without adding grains to my day! The answer? NUTS! I love nuts. (I’ll give you a moment to giggle). I love walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, all of them. Well, except cashews. Something about those nuts just rubs me the wrong way… (hehe). Anyway…

I chopped up some almonds and walnuts and a few banana chips for added flavor and put that on top of my fruit and yogurt. BOMB! It was way more delicious than granola ever was! And without all the added side-effects of high glycemic grains and added sugars that are usually found in granola.

So there you have it, go buy some of your favorite nuts and/or seeds, chop them up and top off your fruit and yogurt with them for a crunchy, sweet breakfast! (Or have it whenever you want, really!)

It’s a pretty easy recipe (not much of one, really) but in case you prefer some guidance, here you go!


1 – 2 Servings of fruit (1 serving = 1 medium fruit, 1/2 of a large fruit, 1/2 cup chopped fruit).

4 oz (113 g) of plain greek yogurt (if you must have flavored yogurt, I recommend adding some vanilla extract and stevia)

1 tablespoon chopped nuts / seeds

5 broken up banana chips OR a chopped square of 75% or higher cacao chocolate (optional)

Cut up the fruit (unless they’re berries or something), add your yogurt, top with chopped bananas and nuts. Done! This really shouldn’t take more than like 5 minutes. And it’s under 300 calories! Even less if you use fat-free yogurt or skip the banana chips! It’s really like eating dessert for breakfast every morning.


Peach, almond and banana parfait  Peach, almond and banana parfait