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While I do share my knowledge and all the information I can on this website, I understand that sometimes, DIYers need a little help getting started or even prefer having a guide. That’s why I’m here to help! If you are in El Paso, TX, we can meet up for personal training sessions and/or nutrition coaching! Check out all my local services below and BOOK YOUR FREE FITNESS & NUTRITION CONSULTATION!

The fitness and nutrition consultation consists of a chat to talk about your needs and goals, taking a few measurements, and coming up with a game plan. From there, you can choose to take what you learned and DIY your journey or we can set up a personal training or nutrition coaching schedule!




I approach training as a teaching forum. You are here not only to become stronger, but also to master the techniques necessary for your success. I will guide you on how to get started gaining strength and learning proper form. We will also keep track of your progress. Tracking your progress will enable you to determine your own training loads and how to personalize your training program to fulfill your training goals effectively and safely. My goal is for you to be able to know what you need to do it, how, and when so you can stay fit and healthy whether I’m there or not! 

Performance nutrition and recovery are as important as what you do in the gym. If you do not fuel your body adequately and allow it to recover, your progress will stall. You do not get stronger by lifting heavy weights; you get stronger by the ways in which your body recovers and adapts from lifting heavy weights. Working out consistently, but also getting adequate nutrition and rest, is essential to succeeding with any training plan. I provide nutrition advice and counseling to all of my clients.

Nutrition Coaching

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As you know, what/how we eat can make or break our fitness goals, and that’s why I also offer stand-alone nutrition advice and counseling regarding lifestyle and lifestyle changes to improve wellness, weight loss, and self-satisfaction. In these sessions, I will ask a series of questions to get to know your needs and goals, as well as your mental and emotional state. The latter can have a huge impact on how we behave and how we treat ourselves and our bodies, therefore, having a better understanding of ourselves is imperative in improving our lifestyle and becoming healthier, happier human beings. Together, we’ll come up with a nutrition plan that is sustainable and fits your lifestyle!

I recommend weekly or at least bi-weekly meetings to make sure we stay on track and to make tweaks as soon as possible when needed. In each meeting, we will set up goals regarding things like what types of foods and how much of them to eat and when, physical activity, cooking tips, and other life adjustments that can help reach our fitness goals. Then, every meeting, we will look back at our accomplishments and challenges so we can make sure we keep moving in the right direction.

Start your journey here!

#1 Book Your 1st Fitness & Nutrition Consultation (30 mins, FREE)

Know where you’re at and what you need to get where you want to be! Includes body composition analysis and individualized recommendations based on your needs and goals, and a 1-month plan. 


#2 We Make a Plan & Get to Work!

From here, we can decide if coaching is recommended and what kind is best for you! Or you can just use it as a place to start your own DIY Mind-Body Upgrade

If you choose me to help you reach your goals, there are many options available! Contact for prices. I can work with you!

Private Personal Training (in-person/online)
Plyometrics, HIIT, Circuit Training, Core/Abdominal, Toning, Muscle Building, Nutrition

Small Group Training (2-4 ppl) (in-person)
Share a trainer & save some money! Still get individual attention and nutrition coaching!
*Ask for the Gym Buddy discount: Sign up with a friend or two and get a discount!

Nutrition Coaching Only (in-person/online)
Nutritional program that supports your needs, fitness/health goals, and schedule. (Recommended 1 x week)

Virtual Fitness & Nutrition Coaching start at $60/mo
We can discuss different approaches to fit your budget and goal at your free consultation so make sure to schedule now!




Have Some Questions Before You Book?

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