Compound exercises are great, working several muscle groups at once is challenging, but helps you cut your time at the gym in half and develop functional strength.

Whether you have a “Leg Day” or do full-body workouts, you can implement the following leg exercises in your workouts and sneak a bit of biceps and shoulder work into your routine!

First, we go with the oldies but goodies, squats. And then, this is where the “+” comes in; we add some arm movements with dumbells so that no muscle group is idle. Take a look at the videos for the how-tos.

Don’t rush through the movements, go no faster than the videos. If you want to push yourself harder, do it slower. In fact, slower is better!

Do one set right after another (you can take a 1-2 minute break between the squat set and the lunge set), and then repeat the circuit 2 to 3 times once or twice per week to strengthen and tone those legs! (Combined with some upper body, core, and cardio, of course!)

Squat set

  1. Squats with dumbbell curl – 20
  2. Weighted sumo squats – 20
  3. Weighted sumo squats with calf raise – 20

Lunge set

Once again, there will be some arm movements implemented as well as a bit of cardio.

  1. Weighted curtsey lunge/crossback lunge (alternating) – 30
  2. Weighted lunge to knee drive (alternating) – 30
  3. Pulsing lunge with shoulder press – 15 each leg
  4. Split jumps – 30