Watch Your Mouth: “Diet”

Part of the mind-body upgrade process is changing the way we think about certain words.

“Diet”: Originally the word “diet” simply meant what a person habitually eats, regardless of health benefits or calorie content. However, over time, it has become synonymous with a restricted regimen. This has given it somewhat of a negative connotation in people’s minds. Making people on “diets” feel restricted or embarrassed that they are on one, or making others feel bad for the people mention being on said regimen. Also, because of their usually extreme nature, “diets” are meant to be temporary. Nobody wants boiled chicken breast and lettuce every day for the rest of their lives! It’s not appetizing or healthy.

As such, I don’t want you to think of your new eating habits as a diet, because they are not part of a diet in the restrictive sense. It is a diet in the way that it is how you will habitually eat from now on which is the original meaning of the word. Your usual everyday food. If someone asks why you’re eating differently – because they will – you can just say you’re adopting a healthier lifestyle. And if you hear “are you on a diet?” when you munch into fruit and yogurt instead of a donut – because you will – you can answer the same way “no, I’m just eating healthy” or “I’m adopting a healthier lifestyle”.

Getting rid of this negative connotation, and showing people around you how it’s not a diet but a lifestyle in which you still enjoy and eat delicious food, might inspire others to change their lifestyle too! You’ll make it look easy and better yet, it’s not a “diet”!

Go make your healthy lifestyle contagious!



  1. I could not agree more. When I tell people that I eat low carb I never say I am on a low carb diet. Instead I say I am eating low carb. It’s a lifestyle. I love your last line. “Go make your healthy lifestyle contagious”! That is exactly what I am trying to do. Thanks for inspiring 😉


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