Fit Lizzy's DIY Mind-Body Upgrade

If I can do it, you can do it too!

Core Concepts of DIYMBU

The core concepts of DIYMBU.

Some concepts I have found to be incredibly helpful in making the Mind Body Upgrade. You will find more information on each of these point throughout the website, but here’s a quick run-through of what DIY Mind Body Upgrade is all about.

  1. Giving your mind and body an overhaul will take time. There is no miracle approach that will give you the body of your dreams in 2 weeks. But when you do achieve your goal it will be easy to maintain because you will have changed yourself inside and out.
  2. Love yourself. The first change you must make is inside your mind and heart. You must change the way you think and feel about yourself. Self-deprecating thoughts are not allowed if you really, truly want to be happy. So stop! Realize that you deserve to be happy and be loved. Love yourself, forgive yourself and move on. Don’t let what you believe others think of you define who you are or how you feel about yourself. Love yourself, “flaws” and all. Nobody is perfect. “Flaws” make you who you are and weaknesses can become strengths. The more you know, love and accept yourself, the easier it becomes to treat yourself right.
  3. If there’s a problem, find the root and fix it. If you’re having trouble sticking to a healthy lifestyle, there may be a psychological root to it. This may be fixed just by working on your mentality and vocabulary, but if there is an underlying depression or feeling of emptiness, you will need to find it, acknowledge it and address that as well. Some of these issues can translate into self-destructive behaviors.
  4. Set realistic goals! The body of your dreams should be your body at its best. Beauty and fitness according to the media is not a healthy goal to try to achieve. Try to become the best you possible instead of trying to become someone on a magazine or TV or someone you know. Embrace your unique body type and make it even better! Also, set goals that can be easily and quickly attained and then set new goals when you reach them. For example 5 lbs or 1 inch at a time. The more often you achieve a goal, the happier you will be and the more motivated you will feel to continue with your transformation.
  5. You literally are what you eat! Everything you eat gets converted into tissues like muscles, fluids and of course fat. You can choose what your body is made of. Do you want a body made of soft, greasy twinkies and pizza, or lean and organic vegetables, grains and meats? Diet is the most important part of having a healthy body. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Also, WATER! Lots of it!
  6. Being active and exercising is a cure-all! You will build muscle, which burns more calories, even while at rest. You will also boost production of balancing chemicals and hormones in your body and brain, making you feel better, happier and more energetic. All your organs will function better, and you’ll love the way you look with a bit of muscle definition! A good combination of strength training, cardiovascular and balance work at least 30 minutes per day 3 times per week goes a long way! Adding physical activity to your everyday life will also help keep your mind clear and your body going.
  7. The secret is 80%. As long as you eat a clean, healthy, balanced diet and keep active 80% of the time, you will see amazing changes, both in your health and your physique, and you will be able to stick to your new lifestyle. You don’t need to forsake pizza or nights out with friends or a lazy weekend on the couch eating takeout now and then. You can still enjoy your favorite treats, drink your favorite drinks and have days when you don’t lift a finger. As long as you are good and stick to a healthy lifestyle 80% of the time.
  8. You get what you put in. If 80% gets you to a place you’re happy, you can continue there. But everyone is different and maybe you fall in love with the lifestyle and you decide to go 90%. You will be much leaner and much more toned. However, if 80% gets you leaner and more toned than you wanted, you could always loosen up to maybe 70%. You have control and you can decide what you want to look like and how you want to feel.

You can find information on all of this and more on DIYMBU. And you are always welcome to contact me with questions, suggestions or with your own story! I hope this website can somehow inspire you during your Mind and Body Upgrade!

Wishing you Love and Health.


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