Ascendance Biomedical is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization who dedicate themselves to studying and developing gene therapy for various diseases and conditions. The members; Aaron Traywick (CEO), Andreas Stuermer (lead researcher), Machiavelli Davis (production specialist), Walker Patterson (production specialist), and Gabriel Ilcina (lab manager), have spent the last year developing a cure and vaccine for the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). At BDYHAX 2018, they tested the vaccine before a live audience, where Aaron injected himself with the experimental drug.

If successful, this injection would work to cure those with herpes and work as a preventative measure for those who don’t have it, making this a huge leap in medical science. This is done through a gene therapy delivery system which only requires one dose, which they also successfully used to deliver HIV immunity therapy in an ongoing experiment, which reaches the second stage today and is being covered by HBO, Vice, and Netflix.

What Aaron and the rest of Ascendance Biomedical are after is the decentralization of medicine, and the advances in medical and genetic technology have made that futuristic world a reality. Now, with the right tools and the right minds coming together from all over the world, we can all develop and improve cures and preventions for all kinds of diseases. We all deserve to be healthy, and we’re all free to experiment on ourselves, so we salute those in the frontlines for advancing medicine in such a cool sci-fi way! We’re looking forward to the future they’re helping create!

Check out the video from their presentation and live test at BDYHAX 2018 on February 4th in Austin, TX, where the Ascendance Biomedical team members explain their process before the historical moment. And, if you’re interested in all of this, visit their website and sign up for updates on all their ongoing and future experiments at